The Thing That’s Making Me The Most Money

June 26, 2013 Kolade Idowu

A lot of people probably think that I make the most money from selling information products or from selling books or even from my blogs… That’s really not the case…

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While LearnToBlog  and my publishing business make really good money, the thing that still makes the most money for me to this day is working with clients. I literally take the same information that I teach in or WordPress Revealed and I help clients set up blogs and websites for themselves.

My online career actually started in about 2005 when I decided to learn how to make a website for the family business. I completely taught myself everything I needed to know to get the site online and cranking, most likely saving my family thousands of dollars in the process.

When word got around to the clients of the family business (a shutter company) that I was the one that made their website, I began receiving requests to set up other company’s websites. I took on a couple of clients and my online career had started.

A couple years later, I discovered WordPress, making it much faster to set up websites for new clients. I was able to charge the same amounts that I always had but now I could get a site online in 1/4 of the time. It was a game-changer.

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Fast forward to today, after launching the WordPress Classroom, writing a book, and launching, my skill-set has only become more sought after. My credibility as a website and WordPress expert has gone through the roof and now I have to turn away client work because I get too many requests.

It’s a great position to be in. I get to pick and choose the clients and the projects that I want to work on and I can charge premium prices because I’ve got plenty of clients.

The reason I’m writing this post has nothing to do with bragging or even to try to land new clients…

The reason I’m posting this is to prove the point that us, as internet marketers or website developers, have a huge opportunity. We have tools available to us to quickly and easily knock out amazing looking websites in a matter of hours… And the best part is, we can charge whatever we want for them. The brick-and-mortar business owner, has no clue how easy it is to create these sites, nor do they have the time or desire to try to do them themselves.

My recommendation is to learn everything you can about WordPress, find the best resources to get amazing themes and designs, and get some clients going. It’s an amazing business model and it’s still the way I make the most of my income.

True story.

This coming week, I’m going to write a post that describes in a bit more detail how I get my clients and how I manage them. Keep an eye out for that post because I think it’s going to be a real eye-opener.

Who else does client work? I’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Leave a comment below.


Kolade Idowu