The eye is an essential organ in the body and our services either improve your eye sight by treating or correcting any of your eye defect. We also conduct clinical eye examinations in accordance with occupational medicine either for pre-employment purposes or for a fitness to work. Glaucoma is a silent eye killer and routine eye checks for general public are highly recommended.

Our services include;

  • Routine eye examinations
  • Refraction and prescription of lenses
  • Provision of suitable frames
  • Provision and fixing of contact lenses
  • Colour Assessment Diagnosis (CAD) which detects; children who don’t recognize color early in life and employees who are not color safe depending on their respective job descriptions
  • Diagnostic Visual field testing and perimetry
  • Applanation tonometry for glaucoma screening


Our eye clinic runs between 8am and 5pm every Monday to Friday.